Welcome to the North Carolina Motorcyclists’ Education Foundation Incorporated (NCMEF).  We are a group of dedicated motorcyclists with the goal of making motorcycle safety training in North Carolina the best that it can be, learn!
Safe and prudent motorcycle operation is a goal that we all seek.  This is becoming more and more difficult in this new age of distracted driving. We invite you to take a look at our site, and encourage you to become one of our sponsors.

In 1989 the North Carolina Legislature created the North Carolina Motorcycle Safety Education Program (NCMSEP).  This program soared and matured over the years into a highly respected state program of impeccable quality, winner of two national awards.  The program has trained more than 100,000 students over the years.  The team of 200 MSF certified RiderCoaches currently trains more than 8,000 students each year at 33 training sites across North Carolina. 
Without the dedicated commitment of these RiderCoaches and the North Carolina Community College System, this training would not be possible.  The program’s growth and success are now straining the budget currently available from the state.
A group of dedicated motorcyclists have come together to form the North Carolina Motorcyclists’ Education Foundation, Incorporated (NCMEF) to provide additional support to the state program.  All state agencies operate under strict and sometimes stringent rules and regulations.  NCMSEP is not exception view.  Our non-profit foundation provides a great deal of flexibility for the solicitation and distribution of donated resources for the NCMSEP.  Accepting contributions from the public and business community, which would be difficult if not impossible for the state program, is the role of this foundation.
All of our officers and board members have volunteered and agreed to serve without compensation.  Office and storage space, as well as technical inspection and repair of donated motorcycles, are donated to the NCMEF.  This allows us to keep operating costs at a minimum to ensure that we meet our goal that 85% of all funds raised go to support the NCMSEP.  The remaining 15% covers the costs of printing, mailing, etc.

The North Carolina Motorcyclists’ Education Foundation has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of North Carolina as a tax exempt non-profit entity.  The IRS has determined that MCMEF is a qualified 509(a)(1) educational foundation.